An announcement to stakeholders 11.12.2017

Kera Group Oy is delighted to announce the appointment of Lauri Halme and Pasi Rantanen as Business Directors. Lauri and Pasi will take lead in the parent company’s two main business areas, Keraplast and Keravent. Keraplast provides daylight solutions, outdoor solutions and plastic products. Keravent is leading national provider of smoke control solutions.

  • Lauri Halme appointed Business Director, Keraplast
    Master of Science (Technology)
    Lauri has recently worked as a Product Manager at the plastic product department.

  • Pasi Rantanen appointed Business Director, Keravent
    Engineer (wood industry)
    Pasi has worked as a Product Manager at the skylight department and also as a Quality Manager.

  • Seppo Nieminen. continues as Managing Director Seppo, Pasi and Lauri will form the company’s executive board.

  • Juha Nieminen, Chairman of the Board, will shift from operational management to company’s larger development projects. Juha will continue in company’s management in the board of directors.