Tapiolan uimahalli

Introduction to the company

Kera Group Oy is a company that manufactures plastic products for the building industry. The expertise of the company is concentrated around different kinds of daylight solutions and smoke control systems that improve fire safety. Our main products include NSHEV and dome roof lights. Keraplast also offers translucent roof panels for single family housing. The company also manufactures plastic parts for the boat and lighting fixture industries. The name of the expanding company was changed to Kera Group Oy in 2012. The sub brands KERAVENT® (smoke control), KERAPLAST® (translucent building products), KERAPLAST INTERIOR® (interior lighting) and KERAPLAST® B2B (subcontracting of plastic parts) devide the company into business units.

Business activities

In 2013, the turnover was 20.3 million Euros. The company’s subsidiaries operate in Russia, Sweden and the Baltic States. The company CEO is Seppo Nieminen, and the Board of Directors comprises Tapio Nieminen, Juha Nieminen and Seppo Nieminen. The total number of personnel in the company is 135. Kera Group is owned by its founder Tapio Nieminen together with his sons Seppo and Juha and other key persons within the company.


The productions facilities in Orimattila cover 7500 m² in total. In recent years, investments in the facilities have included modernizing dome roof light production lines and manufacturing glass and aluminum products for terrace glazing.

Activities abroad

Kera Group operates in countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. Subsidiaries are located in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. The design products produced by Keraplast Interior are delivered worldwide.

Products with CE marking

CE marked smoke control equipments are part of fire safety in buildings. Their value in assisting in the evacuation of people from buildings and other construction works. The CE marking ensures that the NSHEV conform to the requirements of the harmonized EN standards.

Quality policy

The company has certified quality management system. ISO 9001 quality management certification is audited by Inspecta.


Two young men who were part of the large group of people born after the Second World War had the spark to start a company in the plastic industry. In 1971, Tapio Nieminen and Pertti Könönen decided to establish a company to “manufacture roof dome lights and other plastic products" as included in the company’s mission statement. At the time, roof dome lights represented modern architecture. (Keraplast 40v. Valoa ja Ilmaa -book)


The company is committed to continuous improvement in environmental issues.


The values established for the company over 40 years ago have proven solid.